Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Susan’s Hair Update #1

Well, my hair is still coming out at the rate of a brush full of strands a day. I went to see my stylist and he trimmed my hair up to my shoulders. I can pull it back into a stubby ponytail but no more braids for me, sigh. I thought he might cut it super short but his advice was to chop off all the length and leave it be. My pulled back hair still looks okay and it covers my scalp, so why chop it before we have to?

Isn’t it funny how there are certain aspects of our appearance that we feel define us in some way?  Mine has surely been my hair - very thick, brown, straight and quick to grow. I miss the weight of my heavy braid down my back between my shoulders. I have a feeling that when this hair loss grows back in (hopefully) it is not going to be brown anymore. The new little strands are all silvery grey. Am I having one of those dramatic hair color change episodes in my life after a seriously ill summer and some new chemo meds for the RA? Too funny.

The good news is how well the Rituxan is working for me. I am in month 4 after my first set of infusions and the RA symptoms are very much gone. I still get tired and my muscles get sore from being active again, but that is pretty normal stuff. Hopefully I can make it through the six month cycle with no flares, which puts me into early February for the next round of medication. No need for prednisone, pain meds or a cane, how good can things get?

I am also able to hand stitch again so my photo in this post is a close-up of my almost completed La Passacaglia quilt top that has been hand basted and stitched, made entirely of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics. I was so crippled this summer that I did not sew much, but I have been playing catch up since the Rituxan has made me feel so very much better.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is another good day!

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  1. Susan
    Glad you are feeling better. I am sure the new haircut is great. I always thought you would look elegant with gray hair. Maybe now we will see it.